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Thank you so much for joining our LIVE Sale. Scroll to the bottom to watch the replay. So much fun sharing our love of crystals & precious stones with you. 


Few minor details to go over : 

1. All invoices / orders must be paid out within 24 hours of being posted on our website 

2. If invoice is not paid out in a timely fashion all of the item will be moved to our site inventory 

Note: we are based in Richmond , CA were sales taxes must be paid & are not included in the price.

All Live videos and photos of un-purchased items will be saved to on our Instagram + Facebook feed following all sales. Also all items that have not been purchased during the live will be up for sale at discounted rate for 24 hours on our website . 

All orders ship out the following business day and take up to 3-10 business days . 

As a thank you ALL ORDERS COME WITH a Complementary Sage bundle or Palo Santo for your 1st cleansing of your new crystals .

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