How To | Cleanse and Re-Charge your Crystals + Gem Stone

Hello there Crystal Lover,

Welcome to NMPCrystals® first ever blog post ! We are elated with joy and can' t wait to share all that we have been working on.

We thought it would only be right to share with you the exact way we Cleanse and Re- Charger all of our crystals + gem stones. Just before we tell you How, let us tell you why.

Your "Energy Cultivators" (that's what we call them around here) are precious and hold powerful intentions when handled correctly. By setting your intentions or programming your crystal you allow the purpose of the crystal to become one with our energy. Remember these are precious stones and are highly responsive, so make sure that you have chosen the correct one for the end use.

SO you should...

Cleanse your crystals when you 1st bring them home.

Cleanse your crystals after wearing them out of their normal environment.

Cleanse your crystals after someone has touched them.

Crystals that DON'T NEED clearing / cleansing (but you can do what ever makes you feel good it is what moves YOU):




Yes we know that there are many ways you can do this like with sea salt, using other crystals, or digging a hole and putting them in the hole for 1 night. Those methods work but we wanted to keep it simple and easy for everyone. We decided to it would be perfect to create a quick 15 second VIDEO showing you how to use Smudging as your cleansing option! In the video you will learn How to Cleanse and Re-charge any stone by using Sage or Palo Santo Smudging and your personal energetic intentions. Click below & Save for later. If you think your friend could use this helpful video , TAG them too. Sharing is caring!

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